By Carolina Reyes

As one of my few british friends always says: London is not the real England, that is why I love to take a train for a bit more than two and half hours -besides the fact that I am firm believer that a train ride can fight all evils- and spend some time in the real England.

A lovely town in North Yorkshire, popular for national tourist and famous for its local landmarks such as Bettys Tea Rooms. Filmore & Union, a charming place with no more than six tables, offering healthy food, drinks and coffee. You mostly find locals in there having a bite to eat or catching up with friends over coffee. You can also see the crowd that stops by to buy their coffee beans and luxury granola. I managed to have both breakfast and lunch on different days of course, the first day I had lunch -as I did not mange to leave my friend’s couch on time for breakfast- I had the Chicken Jacks Bagel.

I have to admit that I am not big fan of bagels but I am a big fan of poppy seeds and having spotted the only spicy thing on the menu that is what I went for, and I am very happy to say it was great, juicy roasted chicken breast, guacamole, red roasted peppers, salad leaves and chilli sauce. To my Mexican standards of course it was not spicy but the flavor was great.

The second day I managed to get there on time for breakfast, trying to stay on the healthy side, I went for the luxury granola and natural yogurt, as per the menu it was suppose to come with stewed berries on top, sadly I am not a fan of any fruit stewed, happily for me, they offered immediately to top it up with fresh berries…. delicious…. such a nice break not to have raisins on your granola.

I also had the opportunity to stop for a piece of coffee cake at Weetons, one of the “most stylish” delicatessens and one of the best butchers in Britain, locals like to not only have their shopping done there but also love to stop by and have lunch, dinner or just sitting outside looking at the beautiful park across the street with a good cup of coffee. Lovely town to spend a few days walking around in their beautiful gardens and have some great food.

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